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hello, we’re hannah and mollie!

We met in 2005 and it was friendship at first sight. A lot has changed in the nearly 15 years we’ve been best friends, but something that hasn’t is our love for good food — especially, indulgent desserts. But, something that has changed? Our dietary needs.

We both became lactose intolerant in our early 20’s and our quest for non-dairy goodness began! We tried a lot of different recipes and brands over the years. And, then we discovered something called banana nice cream - basically frozen banana chunks blended with a little almond milk. 

When we tasted it, it was like lightning striking. Here was a delicious frozen dessert that delivered on taste while hitting our dietary needs and more. It was non-dairy, 100% plant-based, and no refined sugars. A genuine good-for-you treat that celebrates real ingredients. We knew we had to be the ones to bring it to families everywhere.

Staying true to the original ethos, we created Hakuna Banana, a banana-based non-dairy frozen dessert. Our recipe? It’s bananas, a splash of coconut milk, and a few dates for natural sweetness. We launched pints and novelty bars - all 100% plant-based and no refined sugars.

In 2019, we took our brand values of 100% plant-based and no refined sugar to a new base. We chose oat milk as the next frontier for our frozen desserts and launched Totes Oats, an oat-based non-dairy frozen dessert.

We like to say Hakuna Brands is no worries because of our amazing ingredients. Come and join us on our nice cream adventure!